This is an infographic with information about how many birds kill cats. Catios are import to protect birds.
Catios: Lifesavers for birds. Infographic credit: Sarah Levy/USFWS

Catio = Cat + Patio

A catio — or “cat patio” — is an outdoor enclosure that keeps cats and wildlife safe. Catios offer cats healthy exercise time while keeping them safe from outdoor hazards such as cars, predators, and poisons.

  • Cat-only catios can be small and inexpensive to build.
  • Cat and human-shared catios can be transformed from an existing patio by enclosing it with screen or wire, or can be a new addition to your home.
  • Cat access to a catio can be through a window, door, or wall cut, and either direct or via a tunnel . You can also carry kitty to a free-standing feature.
  • Cool features are limited only by space, weather, safety concerns, and creativity! Consider ramps, cat trees, and boulders for climbing; fountains and perches. Don’t forget lounge chairs for humans to relax with their favorite felines!



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